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Firm creation providers in Dubai right now: What Makes Dubai a Good Place for Business? Dubai as a city is uniquely placed for international business and trade, making it the perfect home for international businessmen and for businesses going global. Its seat on the coast of the United Arab Emirates is the centre of a triangle, the corners of which are Europe, Africa and Asia. As such, Dubai is a central point for ease of commerce with these three continents, maximising reach for businesses. It is also home to the largest harbour on the planet, which, coupled with its location by the Gulf of Oman, makes it the perfect port for maritime trade via the Arabian Sea.

Freezones have regulations that boost business and an environment that act to protect it. Is the perfect place where starting a business. Freezones permit the ownership of the new company created to be 100% to a foreign person. Freezones maintain a high standard regarding everyday life (transportation, infrastructure, relax, etc) becoming the perfect incubator for rising business and new ideas that will impact worldwide everybody’s lives. Kaper can support you! Every business start with your needs and the plan you have in mind. You can easily book an appointment or contact us through our home page, there you’ll find all the details to be in touch with us. See additional info on company formation in Dubai.

What is a free zone? Free zones are geographically demarcated areas within the UAE (even if most of them are not fenced or gated) permitting 100% foreign ownership and are in most cases, dedicated to a specific industry. They were designed to support strategic transformation in key industries (e.g. finance) and many are built with public finance and boast state-of-the-art facilities. For instance, the Dubai Media City – a free zone in the emirate of Dubai – has infrastructure and licences adapted to the needs of the media industry. Similarly, the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC – see below) attracts companies in the financial services sector, drawing in insurance, financial services and investment firms and banks wanting to grow their international client-base.

A promising and bright future: Dubai plans to further cement its position as an economic, technology, innovation and business hub. It seeks to be number one across fields, working in parallel with plans such as the UAE Centennial 2071 and various short-term goals that define targets for each industry and sector. Dubai is poised to grow, and there can be no better choice for your business. Magnet for foreign investment: Dubai attracted Dh12 billion in FDI through 190 projects in the first half of 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic. The city ranked sixth in the global attraction of foreign investment over the six-month period and first in the MENA region.

Benefits of free zones: With more than 50 different free zones across the UAE and with many more under development, free zones have helped make the UAE an attractive option for foreign businesses looking to relocate or expand their global footprint. The common benefits of doing business in a UAE free zone include: 100% foreign ownership of the enterprise; Access to world class logistic facilities; Availability of a large pool of multicultural, skilled professionals; Benefits from economies of concentration (given the zones dedicated to industries); Ease of recruiting international employees, with all free zones providing one-stop-shop services for work visas; Tax holidays – usually guaranteed for 15 or 50 years; 100% import and export tax exemption; 100% repatriation of capital and profits; Corporate tax exemptions for up to 50 years; Eligibility to apply for the UAE Tax Residency Certificate.

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