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Buy used cars from Japanese auctions

Buy used autos from Japanese auctions? We will tell you how to buy a car direct from Japan used car auction but first let us see why more and more dealers and individuals are preferring auctions over other sales outlets. As you know that online shopping is very common and is boosted during 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

Our research reveal facts that Japanese used car auctions are best way for on-line shopping for your new car. Unlike any wholesale shop or any dealer, the volume of vehicles is in thousands which are put on sale for the first time in these auctions. They provide a non-partisan platform to deal in confidence maintaining the privacy of both buyer and seller. Another strong point is inspection of each entry by auction staff which is very strict and trusted by every. The system is very reliable and there is no chance of haggling in normal dealing hence really a great peace of mind.

1) Select a one window operation and not just an auction broker. A proxy without enough knowledge about customs and export documentation must be avoided.

After purchase of a car the following pre-export steps are covered by your exporter.

  1. i) Make a private check if the car needs repair or pre-export must inspections.
  2. ii) Prepare export documents, and make an urgent booking on first leaving car carrier

2) Your appointed export & auction agent will confirm your bid at auctions on your behalf and discuss with you before going forward with the purchase, Every exporter will ask you to put a small refundable deposit, there will be approximately USD$800 penalty if a vehicle is refused after confirm purchase at auctions.

3) With an agreement it is also important to learn about the current price statistics of similar vehicles. This helps in setting budget before proceeding with a confirm bid. This is best time to discuss all the hidden expenses involved before placing an order.

4) Live auctions are different than Yahoo or E-bay, these are real time and the result appears in real time. Setting of budget depends on individual condition of each target vehicle. Some need panel beating, paint work or other external repairs but some are more serious with motor or transmission in non-working condition. To avoid surprises at later stage take a rough estimate of 10% to 20% error margin for in need of repairs on your target vehicles. These Auctions are for used car dealers and vendors who are member therefore the advertised vehicles won’t be in showroom condition. Therefore you must appoint an auction agent for participation.

5) After confirmation of shipping final invoice of balance will be issued to get your car ready for export from Japan. Exporters offer free parking for 4-6 weeks, because of ocean vessels schedules. After leaving Japan normally all the vessels will arrive on their destinations within 20-60 days maximum.

Appoint a clearing agent, pay duties and other bills at destinations, get a number plate and insurance and drive safely to your home. If you want to see live auctions videos please visit our Youtube channel or click here:

In a situation when you are unable to find a good specification low mileage car with history papers at your local showroom, then your best option is to search online. Remember, there will always be a middle man, and we are one of the best! Our strongest point is that we meet hard challenges and our result always proves customer satisfaction. When no repairs are necessary then purchased vehicles are directly taken to the nearest port of discharge. R/O R/O (Roll on Roll off) and Container shipments are handled swiftly (twice a month departure from Japan). Over the years, we nearly sold 20,000 used and new vehicles and all of them have passed our customers’ approval. Customers are satisfied with the exact delivery as stated in the condition report. A satisfied customer has been our top-priority and every penny saved goes to our customers. There is no problem if you have special requirements such as removal or installation of extra options on your new car. Coming to Japan and select your next car is best but if it is not possible then you just have to trust us. Our 30 years experience of this business gives us an upper edge over our competitors. Why not try our online ‘man to man’ services and let us source your next car from Japanese auctions. Read additional details at this website.