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Premium die struck pins supplier

Premium custom enamel pins supplier? As a coin maker, our custom made coins are manufactured in an endless combination of styles, shapes, and materials for the purpose of making the perfect representation of your brand or organization. Everything we make can be personalized. Our business is commemorative coin, challenge coin, antique coin, game coin, 3d coin and personalized tokens.

Tell us your ideas, a rough design is enough. Lapel pins can be customized to any shape to tailor to your logo and design. There are vary logo crafts options for you- Hard Enamel ,Soft Enamel , Printing, Epoxy. You surely could find what you want ! We are one of the most professional metal gift manufacturer in China, focusing on solving the questions of promotion plan for our valued customers. If you want to run a promotion plan and purchase many promotion gifts, even if concept & creation or execution of the ideas, please let us know , and we will do the rest for you!

We here at offer a range of styles of custom lapel pins. Each type or style has a wide range of applications and uses. There isn’t, necessarily, a best style as a lapel pin can serve different functions and each situation may call for a specific style of pin. Regardless of the type you choose, you can be sure you’ll be getting a fantastically designed custom lapel pin of the highest standard. An incredible lapel pin starts with an incredible idea. Our graphic designers have decades of experience in designing, solely, custom enamel lapel pins. Between your dreams and their talent we will create an unforgettable lapel pin. That amazing lapel pin design needs to be made long lasting when it finally comes off the presses. That is accomplished with skilled lapel pin craftsmen and craftswomen using quality materials, like copper and brass, and their years of experience to manufacture lapel pins that you will cherish for a lifetime. Find extra info at custom lapel pins.

The soft enamel type of custom lapel pin is the most prevalent kind of pin out there. The textured feel and design depth from the raised metal borders of the lapel pin are the hallmark for this style. What makes a pin a Soft Enamel lapel pin? The basis of a custom soft enamel pin is our Die Struck lapel pins. During the production process, a die is stamped into a blank pin creating recessed areas on the face of it. In these recessed areas of the lapel pin, we fill in enamel coloring to make the pin a Soft Enamel lapel pin.

These types of lapel pins (also known as enamel pins) are made from metal and are more subtle than any of the aforementioned pins. Instead of having a stick pointing down which threads through the lapel, they have a short pin which pierces directly through the material and is secured with a butterfly clasp. These pins can carry a symbolic meaning to them (Like a country’s flag) or not (Like a pizza pin because why not?) What can I wear the Lapel Pin with? Depending on your style, you could wear a lapel pin with no men accessories and look dapper or a few men accessories and look extremely dapper. (men accessories = ties, bow ties, pocket squares/handkerchiefs). Discover even more info at