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Camp Fire Safety For Children

Camp Fire Safety For Children

Lets bring our fire safety topic out into the woods today. One of the common activities that kids will go through in life are camp fire. So… let us talk about some camp fire safety tips for children, things by which you and your family can take note of so that your kids and children will have a wonderful time at the camp fire.

Truth is, a camping trip would not be complete without a camp fire, thus, it is such that the details should be spend when setting up the camp fire.

So here are some fire safety tips for children attending camp fires:

  • Always set a boundary between the fire and the children
  • The fire should be set away from low hanging branches
  • Clear surrounding areas from objects that catches fire easily
  • The surrounding area of the fire pit should be covered with sand and dirt
  • At no point of the time should the children be left unattended with the fire
  • Adults should be present at all time
  • Keep the firewood at least 15 feet away from the fire
  • The torch that is used to lit the fire, stays in the fire
  • Keep a bucket of water, a fire extinguisherand a shovel near by for backups

It is always a tradition that the camp fire fire is not to be extinguish until it is almost burnt out… of course, all you need for that to happen, is to stop feeding “fuel”, in this case, wood to the fire. When the fire is almost out, damp the fire with water until it is out… after at which, you mix the wet ashes and the sand together with the shovel to ensure that the fire is fully put out.

Note however, that for safety reasons, you should always let your children know about certain fire safety rules set for them, such as… they should never cross the boundary, the should never go close to the fire (unless of course they are of older age and more mature), anything that is in the fire, stays in the fire.

Another camp fire safety tips for children is that should anyone accidentally catches fire, they need to STOP, cover their face with their hands, DROP to the ground, and ROLL back and forth on the ground to smother the fire.

This however, should not happen if all the camp fire safety rules for children is being observed. With that, I wish you have an enjoyable weekend camp with your children and