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Hideaki Itsuno’s Devil May Cry 5 is ridiculously cool, stylish, sexy, and full-on cheesy, and as much as its narrative is about Nero’s path to becoming more than just dead weight, it’s a sequel that ties some loose ends together by being the action romp it deserves. One second, you will find yourself lost in a plot that is equal parts Hot Topic, Fury Road, and Showdown In Little Tokyo, and by the next, you’ll find yourself headbanging the night away as you hack and slash enemies with motorcycle swords. Dante is still Dante and the demons are still demons (for the most part), but DMC5 slays at upending the traditional norms and stigmas of today by making a badass arcade gem feel like a theatrical masterpiece.

My Time At Portia is one of those games that makes grueling manual labor – woodcutting, mining, carpentry, farming – feel like a vacation from all your IRL responsibilities. You inherit a home and workshop and start from scratch, building a business as you make things for your neighbors and improve your little homestead. There’s a whole bunch of lore about religion versus technology and an inexplicable number of cutesy monsters, but the real satisfaction comes from putting together increasingly elaborate inventions, raising livestock, and winning over the people of the town. If you reached your Stardew Valley peak and need some new challenges, this is the perfect way to kill time without resorting to buying your own tool bench and pet llama. See more info at Best Gaming Hardware.

“Into The Breach is focused. It is an exceptional distillation of turn-based tactical strategy. The compact, chessboard-sized 8×8 maps mean that confrontations and problems arise immediately. The short missions means there’s a constant urgency. The clear transparency of its systems shows you absolutely everything that is going to happen in the next turn–what enemies are targeting, how much damage they will deal, and any effects that will occur. It’s a game that tells you everything you need to know, keeps randomness to a minimum, and never wastes your time.”

Mario Tennis started to feel predictable the last couple entries, but Mario Tennis Aces gives the long-running sports series a welcome shot in the arm. As ever, it’s a collection of the Mushroom Kingdom’s finest volleying back and forth on cartoonish courts, but the new special shots shake things up. See, the special shots bring a new strategic element to the proceedings, as a well-placed slam can literally break the opponent’s racquet. But if they manage to block it, then you’ve wasted a heap of your energy for nothing. It really adds a lot to the game, plus a neat single-player adventure helps deliver some extra fun outside of the thrilling multiplayer showdowns. See extra details on